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Cupstom is a company that started when three restaurant owners came together to produce disposable food and beverage containers for both hot and cold consumables. With their knowledge of what food and beverage stores need to run a business, it became their passionate goal to supply top-tier quality products whilst offering the lowest possible market price. Now Cupstom is serving over a hundred restaurants and beverage shops across the country. Our variety of packaging products are made from either paper or plastic and the variety ranges from anything like regular cups and coffee cups, ice cream or yogurt bowls, food pails, straws, and even more.


For an even greater experience, Cupstom offers delivery of the products, storage, and even custom printing to fit the style of the restaurant or beverage store. The printing service we provide is a proven way to promote success of the businesses that use it, especially coffee shops, ice cream parlors, and yogurt shops. Our goal overall is to provide the best products to the service industry and by building long-lasting relationships with both food and beverage stores, restaurants, suppliers, and customers alike.

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We are always on the hunt for more products and more ways to better serve our customers, we are constantly searching for new products and testing them to serve our customer’s needs. Cupstom takes quality service seriously, and with our wonderful employees we can work hard to bring high quality products to the world of food and drinks. Cupstom will continue to grow its company and values in order to achieve the ultimate goal of becoming the number one supplier of disposable food and drink containers.